The “Masculinity” Of Land-Based Casinos

This idea is imposed on us by Hollywood books and movies. Players in land-based judiasia96 casinos are almost always men. Of course, you can see ladies at the tables, but almost all the other players are men. This changes significantly when we look at the gaming sector as at machines, where things are more aligned, but the big picture gives the impression that men in casinos are generally much more than women .

There are many reasons for this, but one of the most important is that casino resorts (such as Las Vegas) are designed primarily for men. From the beginning, everything in these cities was created to attract the attention of men . Casino owners sought this effect because the role of women in society was quite different in the 1950s and 1960s.

Only the design of slots could draw women’s attention to Las Vegas. However, in the early years of gambling growth, casino owners still could not understand the full potential of gambling and viewed them as popular arcade games at the time . The slots were placed at the entrance of the casinos, in order to entertain the ladies while their men bet “real” money on the gaming tables.

Nowadays, the gambling market is completely different, and slot games offer about 70% of the casino’s profits, and women play a big role in this development, as they can be as large a customer base as men. In today’s dynamic market, many manufacturers rely on games with purely feminine themes, designed for female audiences . Examples are games with diamonds or cute animals.

What do women really want?

We can easily conclude that no lady likes to sit in a room full of cigarette smoke and play cards. Not that they don’t like card games, but prefer digital options. According to a report by Double-Down, which makes casino games for Facebook , women spend 30% more time in casino games, and the average profile of users of such content is a woman between 45 and 55 years old. We can list quite a few interesting statistics:

– Men spend an average of 14 months of their lives gambling, while women spend 21 months.

– The favorite casino games for the male audience are Blackjack and Roulette, and for the Roulette ladies , despite the general opinion that they play “slot only”.

– The average age of the man who bets is 33 years, while for women it is 29 years.

– The average deposit made by men is 104 euros, and for women 74.

We can easily conclude that women play more than men, but spend less time. On the other hand, men spend much less time betting, but tend to take higher risks and bet larger amounts. Ladies prefer to be more careful and follow a certain plan, while the male part of the population is much more impulsive. Only from this, we can conclude that women are luckier at casino gambling , because people who follow their original plan are always more successful in long-term betting.

Women have significant advantages in certain casino games

It is very clear that gender cannot affect luck . However, we believe that we can determine “who wins more often in the casino”. According to this indicator, women make better use of their happy destiny and gain benefits in gambling, such as:


When we see that 90% of the World Series of Poker winners are men, we can easily be mistaken that this is a predominantly male game. As players, we can agree with this statistic, only that women have more significant biological benefits . When he stays close to a beautiful woman, each man begins to think more carefully about his behavior.

Many men do not consider ladies as a serious enough opponent and this leads to underestimation, which can be easily used by skilled players. The ladies also have the advantage of playing much more aggressively, because the men at the table do not think they have a better hand . Another significant advantage is that the game requires a very good “reading” of body language, in which the fine part of society is much better and, as we all know: no man can figure out what a woman wants to do.


The main advantage of the ladies in the game Blackjack are the prejudices imposed in our society. Croupiers do not believe that ladies can count cards or apply specific tactics, this underestimation is further intensified if the woman is provocatively dressed . At the same time, women are much better at memorizing numbers and are much more successful at tracking books.

In summary, we can say that women are clearly the winners in this competition. They can take advantage of their biological and physiological differences and turn them into a major advantage. It is good for the ladies to remember that in the casino the most important thing is the profit and there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of the shortcomings of men.